Cyber Cerberus


The wonderful Thomas and Kristen from Cyber Cerberus approached me seeking support for a promotional flyer, newsletter content, Capability Statement and some general advice about communications and promotion. It was a pleasure to guide this dynamic duo.

There are too many words to describe Susanna, but I will summarise it into a single word. Awesome. I have engaged with Susanna to provide copywriting and editorial duties for engagements in our organisation. She has provided an amazing and different perspective on how we write and communicate in our organisation. This has led us to develop some excellent standards to further excel in this area. Susanna is diligent, professional, on time, and like every great communicator, she is not afraid to tell you how communication can be significantly improved and adapted. I do not hesitate to recommend Susanna to any of my clients or network of professionals looking for another professional writer and communicator for their organisational needs. Susanna, keep up the great work and looking forward to working with you more in the future.

– Cyber Cerberus