Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a copywriter?2024-01-09T17:20:09+08:00

A copywriter is a professional writer, someone who understands the nuances of language, and can engage, inspire, inform, and influence people with just the right words. Grammar and spelling are important aspects too and can make all the difference when you’re trying to convey meaning.

Engaging a professional writer is more time and cost-effective to get the content right the first time, than going around in circles with someone who is “giving it a go”.

Copywriting and editing are specialised skills. Let your team focus on what they do best and trust a professional to ensure the right message is delivered to the right audience, at the right time.

With their fresh eyes, copywriters can provide a different perspective on a challenge and suggest ideas on how to improve how others perceive your business. A good writer is essential to developing and communicating a cohesive, credible, compelling brand.

How much does it cost to hire a copywriter?2024-01-09T17:25:38+08:00

The cost of hiring a copywriter depends entirely on the project, its complexity, the time required and the client. This makes it difficult to offer a “one size fits all” cost.

Our rates are industry-competitive and reflect our decades of experience as writers, editors, communications and engagement professionals.

We can charge by the hour, by the project or you can engage us on monthly retainers which means we are at your “beck and call” for a set amount of hours each month. We can work in-house, alongside your team, remotely and collaboratively.

We offer discounts to not-for-profit groups and also for ongoing or multiple engagements.

Let’s have a chat! Once we understand what you’re looking for, we can provide an indication of costs to deliver the results you want.

How long does it take to complete a project with WordStitch?2024-01-09T17:26:46+08:00

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, we may be able to complete the engagement within a few days.

Some larger projects can take a couple of weeks or months.

Once we start working together, we will devote the time needed to ensure the deadlines we agree upon are met.

Why should I work with WordStitch?2024-01-09T17:35:52+08:00

At WordStitch, we are passionate about words. Words have incredible power and when stitched together skillfully, they can engage, inspire, inform and influence human behaviours and thoughts.

Great writing can persuade people to feel, act or react in certain ways and when applied effectively, can help businesses to grow and flourish in genuine and meaningful ways.

That’s why communications, copywriting and editing services are specialised skills. Different audiences, different platforms, different goals all require unique skill sets.

At WordStitch, our experienced, trusted industry professionals, are experts in their fields. Collectively, we have more than 100 years’ experience in crafting engaging, inspiring, informative and influential words of art.

We don’t use a “cookie cutter” approaches to the way we work – to us, every client is different and it’s important to take the time to find what makes you tick, what sets you apart from the pack, what your goals are and what you need from us to succeed. Our clients trust us to deliver truly bespoke, quality outcomes.

We are a group of trusted, respected industry professionals with a reputation for delivering quality outcomes, through genuine, down-to-earth, collaborative approaches.

Contact us for a chat – you’ll soon see what others see in us too.

What should I expect when working with WordStitch?2024-01-09T17:40:34+08:00

Our process is driven by collaboration.

We take the time to get to know you and your business – what makes you different and what you’re trying to achieve.

This ensures we develop the right message, at the right time, and deliver it to the right people to underpin success. We do this through interviews, research and sharing ideas.

We pride ourselves on working quickly, efficiently, with the right mix of professionalism and warmth to meet budgets and timelines.

Want to know more about how we work? Contact us – we’d be happy to discuss the right approach for your project.

What can WordStitch help with?2024-01-09T17:44:03+08:00

Whether it’s a website refresh, a report edit, or crafting (from scratch) capability statements, communication / social media strategies, case studies, media releases, tenders, blogs (or something else?!) – WordStitch has the right industry professional to suit your needs.

We have a mix of “thinkers” (those who develop strategy and provide consulting services) and “doers” (those who put their nose to the ground and write and edit specific artefacts and collateral) to help support our client’s needs.

Backed by over 100 years of experience, our hand-picked team of industry standouts use a variety of traditional and new media platforms, tools and techniques to help businesses tell their story and grow.

To list every communication artefact our team has ever developed in their career would (as a friend said) “bend your noggin”. Instead, we thought it better to group our services as follows:

  • Communications strategy & content development
  • Change management support (communications, training and engagement)
  • Cross-platform social media strategy, advice and content
  • Corporate and social media photography
  • Facilitated stakeholder engagement workshops
  • Branding and Identity
  • Graphic Design

For more, visit our Services page or contact us – we’re sure we have the right expert for your project.

Do you provide consulting services?2024-01-09T17:55:32+08:00

Backed by decades of experience, many of our WordStitch collaborators are available to provide consulting services -in-house or remotely.

We can spend a day (or longer) in your office, with your team/s to upskill them in a range of areas to suit your needs.

Whether you need to learn more about:

  • Utilising AI effectively (the pros and cons)
  • Developing engaging social media content (and how to manage it)
  • Creating communication /  engagement strategies to wow
  • Building a communications/media team from the ground-up (tools and templates)
  • What makes a great story for the intranet
  • Encouraging staff to interact or engage with a project or initiative
  • Something else!

Our team of experts are available to provide once-off or ongoing consultation and coaching services to help drive the outcome you’re looking for.

We can also just be an extra pair of hands or a fresh set of eyes when you have too much on your plate!

Contact us – we’d be delighted to find the right approach and right expert to suit your needs.

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